Re: [Bluez-users] Motorola S9 and BlueZ 4.14

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After some digging in the current GIT head:

bluetoothd[20589]: AVCTP: connected to 00:0D:FD:15:F0:3E
bluetoothd[20589]: AVRCP: uinput initialized for 00:0D:FD:15:F0:3E
bluetoothd[20589]: AVDTP: incoming connect from 00:0D:FD:15:F0:3E
DEBUG: trying to change from OPEN to OPEN
bluetoothd[20589]: stream state change failed: Input/output error

So for me it tries to change the stream state top OPEN twice.

Another debugging effort with pulseaudio bluetooth init:

bluetoothd[20589]: Received SET_CONFIGURATION_CMD
DEBUG: initializing stream sock to -1
bluetoothd[20851]: Audio API: received BT_SETCONFIGURATION_REQ
bluetoothd[20851]: config a2dp - device = 00:0D:FD:15:F0:3E access_mode = 2
bluetoothd[20851]: codec sbc - frequency = 2 channel_mode = 1
allocation = 1 subbands = 1 blocks = 1 bitpool = 44
bluetoothd[20851]: a2dp_source_config: selected SEP 0xb851c630
bluetoothd[20851]: avdtp_ref(0xb8521398): ref=4
bluetoothd[20851]: setup_ref(0xb8519490): ref=1
bluetoothd[20851]: setup_ref(0xb8519490): ref=2
bluetoothd[20851]: SEP 0xb851c630 locked
DEBUG: stream sock is -1
bluetoothd[20851]: Unable to get stream transport
bluetoothd[20851]: config failed

The stream socket does not seem to be set anywhere else along the way
(added debug prints to all stream socket changes in bluez code).
That's why get_transport returns FALSE. Still not sure if the bug is
in pulseaudio or in bluez.

Also sending this to bluez-devel, please don't shoot me for crossposting.

Patryk Zawadzki

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