Re: Some Audio error handling fixes.

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Hi Fabien,

> While running tests on bluez-utils lately i found a number of big and
> little error handling issues.
> Attached patchset fixes all of them :-)
> Can anyone have a look to it ?

actually the convention is that if it is a return value, then we use a
negative error value. If it is a parameter, we use the positive one. So
the connection_lost change is wrong (it was wrong before though). Please
fix this too.

> While reading the latest code, i noticed common/error.{c, h} is gone...
> There's a new one in src/, but with only one generic
> error handling routine. I have the feeling this is a big step backwards,
> as DBUS error names get duplicated into each service
> again and again, paving the way for un unmanageable level of error
> strings fragmentation :-( What do you guys think ?

It is not a big step backwards since we are using libgdbus error
functions now and there are more simpler. There is a problem with the
strings returned for a specific error, but I don't really thing it is
that big of a problem.

In the long term we might get btd_error_* or alike functions since then
the plugins can use them. However right now every plugin has to handle
its own errors.



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