Re: Unexpected error / chronology trying to extract sdp handles

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Hi Pierre-Yves,

> I'm running v3.34. I know it's not the latest. But I've observed what I 
> describe below on virtually any previous 3.x version.
> Somewhere in my code, I perform a call to 
> Adapter.GetRemoteServiceHandles(btAddress, match). This call blocks as 
> expected. A few seconds later, I get a RemoteDeviceConnected signal. 
> Great, looking good. But about 30s after the first call, 
> GetRemoteServiceHandles finally returns, by throwing a 
> ConnectionAttemptFailed. The RemoteDeviceDisconnected event arrives at 
> the same time than the expection.
> How can I get I get a ConnectionAttempFailed while I have received a 
> "Connected" signal previously? Is it to be expected? How should such 
> apparent non-sense be dealt with? Or perhaps I'm mislead by the 
> (apparently obvious) "ConnectionAttemptFailed" name?

the SDP connection establishment might fail. This is different from from
any low-level ACL link that you see. Run hcidump -X -V and see what
actually does happen.



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