Re: [PATCH] CreateBonding while periodic scanning

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Hi Marcel,
> with the normal inquiry it is this way. You have to cancel that before
> you can do anything else. Nothing you can do about it. The periodic
> inquiry is special since it is meant to cancel itself on connection
> attempts and then automatically resume.
Periodic scanning is bluetooth chip level right? Not something internal 
to bluez or I'm totally wrong?.

Anyway it makes sense to stop inquiry while doing connection attempts, 
not while broadcasting data, because the amount of power used for 
transmission and the amount of data required for it, it's just too much 
too keep scanning.

> I applied that patch and it will be in bluez-utils-3.36 release.
Wow thanks, will this finally became the latest release of the 3.X 
branch? Who knows... hehe

Manuel Naranjo
Wireless Cables Inc.

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