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Hi Michael,
> > looks nice. However you have to break this up into pieces for. Sent> > small patches and I can quickly review and commit them.> > Here's a patch to add support for connecting to devices via the client code.  This patch depends on the callback patch.> > It finds known services on startup (in setup_services()).  Bastien> suggested that we don't need to call setup_services() since those> services are enabled by default, but I'm not quite sure what he meant.> We need to call it to get the service bus IDs so that we can then get> DBusGProxies for them.
so starting with bluez-utils-3.33 everything is a plugin and will beavailable under the org.bluez service name. So we could simply ignorethis and fail the other cases.
If you wanna check available services then you should use ListServicesand retrieve the service objects. On these objects you can also callGetBusName to get the bus name of the service. This will then only workfor activated services, but that is actually fine. The distros enablethem by default anyway or they are plugins and loaded all them.
> It adds the function bluetooth_client_available_services() which gives> back a type mask for services that were detected.  Basically which> devices are likely to succeed from a bluetooth_client_connect() call.> > bluetooth_client_connect() does device-specific connection handling.> It only handles a few types right now (input and headset).
Please stop using the variable name rv for return value. Either use error call it result or something.

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