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Hi Michael,

> I have attached a patch against 0.27 (it applies cleanly against CVS) to
> complete the wizard in the bluez-gnome source tree.
> Here's what my patch does in summary, details below:
> Wizard dialog shows list of device types we know how to handle (only
> mouse/keyboard/headset right now).  Then, it tries to connect to the
> appropriate bluetooth dbus service and trust the device.  Basically the
> same code steps the Properties -> Services tab does, but more
> wizardy.  :)
> I made changes to cleanup the wizard interface (removed a couple of
> pages that had low signal/noise ratio) and made several of the
> bluetooth_client capable of giving feedback about the operation via a
> callback.

looks nice. However you have to break this up into pieces for. Sent
small patches and I can quickly review and commit them.



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