Re: How to run up CSR chip without eeprom with BLUEZ ?

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> Raymond,
> One year ago, I have a project using CSR wifi and
> bluetooth. If demo does not use bluez, that means it
> uses CSR bluetooth stack not bluez stack from kernel.
> Why do you think you are using bluez stack?
> I feel you are using CSR bluetooth stack.

Both the demo and bluez is compiled by myself, I use different software to 
test it
So I know exactly what stack I am using.

> Can you tell me what you do to invoke kernel
> bluetooth?

When I using CSR's BCHS stack, it's build with the demo in a single app and 
the only relation with kernel is the uart driver.

While when using bluez, I insert bluetooth.ko and hci_uart.ko

and I use hciattach which will use bluez-libs. So I am for sure it's using 
Bluez stack instead of csr's

> You need to make it clear how do you bring up bluex
> stack.
> ---henry

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