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I try to give more info about the problem hoping someone can give me a little help.

I compiled the example from : (the "glib with C" one), used on laptop with ubuntu :all ok, on a pc with debian :all ok, on ebox 2300sx with debian 4.0 NOTHING (no errors no responses).

- dbus is running
- hcid is running
- if I make "hcitool scan" I can see the nearest bluetooth devices
- In syslog the only messages are "hcid[1794]: name_listener_add(:1.1)" and "hcid[1794]: DiscoverDevices requestor at :1.1 exited before the operation finished" (I've stopped the program after about 6/7 minutes of no-output)

I think problem is dbus related but I don't know where to look, I also tried "dbus-send --system --type=method_call --print-reply --dest=org.bluez /org/bluez/hci0 org.bluez.Adapter.GetMode" to interact with dbus and all works fine so the problem may be in Discovery related methods.

Many thanks

Il giorno 01/apr/08, alle ore 18:59, Fabrizio Guglielmino ha scritto:
Hi all,
I've made a software using  DBUS StartPeriodicDiscovery monitoring in 
(almost) realtime bluetooth devices in range.
I've already used this software with many computer and bluetooth dongles 
without any problem (I've user it on a Asus eee with ubuntu and kernel 
2.6.22, in a debian with kernel 2.6.23 and so on).

Now I've installed it on a ebox 2300SX 
( using a customized debian 
4.0 to run on compact flash with kernel 2.6.22.
I have two different problem :
- When I made a proxy call to StartPeriodicDiscovery sometime i receive 
the response "Invalid argument", but if I made hciconfig hci0 reset 
before running the problem doesn't appear
- Events generated by StartPeriodicDiscovery (eg. RemoteDeviceFound) are 
never called

I can see the led of the bluetooth dongle blinking whene proxy call to 
StartPeriodicDiscovery  doesn't give error so I think periodic inquiry 
is running (I have not verified with hcidump because at the moment isnt' 
installed on the device and I can't install it )

The big difference from the 2300sx and the other installation is it 
doesn't have math coporcessor so I have compiled the kernel to support 
math emulation but I can't think this is the cause of my problems (why 
bluez should use math coprocessor?). Also in the dmesg of the device I 
found some error about ACPI ("ACPI: Unable to load the System 
Description Tables" and "pnp: PnP ACPI: disabled"), I'm not expert of 
ACPI but I think may cause some problems to usb devices...

Can someone give me a starting point to found the problem?

Many thanks

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