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Hi Blinuxers,

our mailing lists  blinux-announce, blinux-develop and blinux-list
now are distributed by an advanced list server (called "mailman") which
allows you to chose additional options like

* digests in plain text or MIME format
* stop mail delivery. Useful if you plan on taking a vacation.
* Chose whether you will get a copy of your post to the list.
* password protected options and subscription/unsubscription.
* get/setup your password needed to unsubscribe or change options.

There are two ways how you can modify your list settings or

First way: You can change your list settings or
using a web browser and visiting the list web page at

Your browser has to support the secure HTTPS protocol to access above web

Second way: You can use the email interface to do all
and setting changes. This is done by sending email to the -request
of the  mailing list and using special commands in the subject line.
You get the request email address by simply adding a -request to the
normal mailing list address. As example blinux-list@xxxxxxxxxx has the
request address  blinux-list-request@xxxxxxxxxxx

When using the email interface, first thing you will do is getting
your preset password. This  will enable you to change options later.

Get your password by sending email to
blinux-announce-request@xxxxxxxxxx or
blinux-develop-request@xxxxxxxxxx or

with subject line: password.    
After you got your default password by email, you now can change your
password by sending email to the -request address
blinux-announce-request@xxxxxxxxxx, blinux-develop-request@xxxxxxxxxx or
blinux-list-request@xxxxxxxxxx with  
subject: password your_old_password your_new_password.

To get a help file by email which shows you all your settable options send
email to the list request-address with subject: help.

Should you have any questions about that new list setup always feel free
to ask. My email address is hzo@xxxxxxx

(maintainer blinux-lists)

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