spk2: command-line interface for ViaVoice Outloud

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Hi All,

This message is a request for comments, aimed primarily at the
blinux-develop list, but I'm Cc'ing the blinux-list in case others might
be interested.  Caveat:  spk2 is in extreme alpha (version 0.0.2), so
please be careful.

I've been playing around with IBM's ViaVoice Outloud software
text-to-speech synthesis engine, and coded up a little command line
interface, which I called spk2.  It's a substantial re-write of the
cmdlinespeak code included with ViaVoice, to take advantage of the STDIO
Unix pipe structures, as well as to add a few other options and
enhancements, detailed in the README.

The individual files are available at:


...or for the tar.gz file at:


In short, it speaks any text presented to it via STDIN using the Outloud
engine, and echos the text out STDOUT so other commands and/or devices can
make use of it.  If you have the Outloud engine installed and working then
this little program should work as well, however you may need to do a
"make spk2" to recompile the binary for your particular system.  It's a
VERY simple make file however.  I haven't had time to explore how to make
it more generic yet.

All comments, suggestions and bug-fixes are most welcome!  I provided some
examples of it's usage and options in the README, but being sighted
myself, the formatting of the documentation probably needs some reworking
for accessibility and clarity.  My own interest comes from my activities
in wearable computers, where using a visual/GUI interface can easily be
more of a distraction than a benefit.

That's all for now,



Andrew Plumb, VE3SLG
spk2_0.0.2:  http://www.plumb.org/tekmage/source/spk2/

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