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Nolan Darilek writes:

> I'm now about to encounter something, and was wondering if some of you
> more experienced coders could give me some advice. Is there some way
> of determining which program is running in the foreground? E.g. If
> someone is at the shell prompt, I'd like to somehow know that
> /usr/bin/tcsh is running in the foreground.

On linux, getsid(0) will give you the "session id", which I think is the
process id of the "session leader", which is usually the shell.  Then you
could use that number to read /proc/NNN/cmdline to get the shell name.

> I was told that there was no standard way of doing this, but I was
> wondering if anyone had another opinion?

As far as I know, getsid() is linux specific.  /proc too.

> Are there any functions that I can use for this purpose?

getppid() gets the parent process ID.  This is more portable, but may not
work in some situations (because of forking).

Anyway hope that helps.

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  Andrew Apted   <ajapted@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>      \/

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