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After a computer crash which conveniently crippled my box during most
of spring break, preventing me from coding anything, I'm back and have
continued. :)

I'm now about to encounter something, and was wondering if some of you
more experienced coders could give me some advice. Is there some way
of determining which program is running in the foreground? E.g. If
someone is at the shell prompt, I'd like to somehow know that
/usr/bin/tcsh is running in the foreground. I was told that there was
no standard way of doing this, but I was wondering if anyone had
another opinion? Are there any functions that I can use for this
purpose? And, if detecting the foreground app is impossible, can
anyone think of some other method that I can use to determine which
application is displaying data to the current TTY? (Tossing aside the
issue of background jobs writing into the foreground for now.)

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