Re: Combined or separate speech/braille solution?

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On Fri, 19 Mar 1999, Lar Kaufman wrote:
>From the polymedia perspective, the data being accessed should be capable
>of presentation by braille and by speech devices simultaneously and 
>alternatively (and perhaps optionally sequentially) by choice of the user.

I can tell that you've taken law classes. :-)

I am a braille user, and that suffices for most tasks. Where I would find
speech to be a very useful augmentation for the rendering of status
Even if the cursor moves to the status line, I would like the
braille display to stay where it is and for the status line to be spoken. 

Note that this can get complicated when apliations are nested. I very often run
pine from within screen. Pine uses the third line freom the bottom for its
status messages, and screen uses the very bottom line for its status messages.
It would not be sufficient, therefore, to tell the braille/speech complex to
ignore cursor motion if it's to a specific line, and to always speak changes on
that line. It depends on why the cursor was moved to that line, and on why the
content of that line was changed.

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