Re: Development priorities (was Re: forwarded message from Jason White)

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I shall make this reply as brief as possible:

1. It is not necessary to learn "an entire system like Emacs" to use the
terminal emulator.

2. There are many applications for which Emacs and Emacspeak together
provide an excellent solution already; thus there are good reasons why a
user would wish to learn Emacs.

3. As I have argued before, the X Window System is becoming increasingly
important as an environment for application development and needs urgent
attention with regard to access solutions.

4. It is possible to access text-mode applications from within X (even
right from the outset, using xdm to provide the login prompt); thus
besides cosniderations of memory and cpu usage, there is no reason why one
should not access text-based applications from within either Emacs or X.

5. Given limited resources and the present lack of access to X
applications, combined with the realisation of where Linux development is
headed (namely toward X as the application environment) the conclusion is
clear, as I stated before, as to where priorities should lie.

A corolary of this result is that console-based screen readers are low on
the over-all priorities, which is not to say that some people won't find
them useful or that they are not advantageous in certain, limited,

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