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On Tue, 16 Mar 1999, Whistler wrote:
>The difference is in order to learn Emacspeak you have to
>be willing to learn emacs.  You shouldn't have to learn emacs to be able
>to use every aplication on the system 

Ken is absolutely right on this point. I, for example, am a person who just
plain does not like Emacs. I don't ever want to have to learn it. I happen to
like using VIM for editing software and data files, and PICO for editing text,
and hate the cryptic, ugly, and unorthogonal nature of Emacs' key sequences as
well as the bulky and combersome nature of Emacs itself. I shouldn't have to
fill my brain with so much knowledge that I don't even want to have just so
that I can use an otherwise friendly, flexible, and robust system.

I'm glad that I use braille rather than speech, and that BRLTTY just works with
the raw screen content. I can use whatever application I want/need, any time I
want/need it. I constantly get the feeling that Emacs users, who really are a
cult unto and amongst themselves, are completely blind to the fact that there
are others who know that there's a better way.

>nor should you have to install
>Xwindows to use a shell prompt.  

Ken: I think you might change your mind about this once UltraSonix becomes
easier to install and once you give X a serious try. It seems a bit ominous at
first, but, until you get used to it, you can always degenerate your use of X
right down to that of a single shell prompt. While there are plenty of sighted
people who rightly hate Emacs as well, for all of the same reasons which you
and I would raise, very few (if any), given a good window manager, dislike X.

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