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Hi Jason,

> Brian's clarifications will be very useful in this discussion.

Is there something I didn't cover in my overview of Ultrasonix's
approach?  I was in a pretty big hurry, so it's possible.


(Here's a reprint of my remarks...)
Ultrasonix has 2 methods of treating different content differently in
this regard.

First, Ultrasonix comes with a set of templates for each widget set.
Each widget has a template which defines attributes that Ultrasonix
finds interesting - is this widget input-sensitive?  can this widget
be edited?  what string should be spoken or displayed in Braille when
the user lands on it?  what sound should be played?  etc.

Second, Ultrasonix has a set of screen-reading primitives which can be
accessed through TCL scripts.  A particular TCL function, for example,
is called whenever the down-arrow key is pressed.  Users can modify
this function to get the behavior desired.

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