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       Hi Jason,

I have about 2 minutes, this morning, so please forgive my brevity.

Ultrasonix has 2 methods of treating different content differently in
this regard.

First, Ultrasonix comes with a set of templates for each widget set.
Each widget has a template which defines attributes that Ultrasonix
finds interesting - is this widget input-sensitive?  can this widget
be edited?  what string should be spoken or displayed in Braille when
the user lands on it?  what sound should be played?  etc.

Second, Ultrasonix has a set of screen-reading primitives which can be
accessed through TCL scripts.  A particular TCL function, for example,
is called whenever the down-arrow key is pressed.  Users can modify
this function to get the behavior desired.


Jason said:
As a further note, I understand that UltraSonix is based on a core of
screen reader functions which can be controlled by programmable scripts.
The latter could presumably be customized for particular applications, to
monitor the interface and produce specified feedback when prescribed
changes occur. Since the X Window System supports both text-based and
graphical applications, there would be no need for an additional screen
reader in order to gain the functionality which has been described.

I am not familiar with the details of how UltraSonix works in this regard.
I once had the privilege of being given a demonstration of IBM Screen
Reader for OS/2, in which the screen monitoring and reading functions, the
binding of key sequences to speech commands, etc., were accomplished by
means of a profile stack, with application-specific profiles at the top
and more generic key bindings etc., below.

In any event, my general reservations regarding the value of this general
approach for complex interfaces and data, still apply.

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