Re: Dealing with SUBLEVEL overflow in backports

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On 2/7/22 14:57, Johannes Berg wrote:
On Mon, 2022-02-07 at 13:40 +0000, Jiaxun Yang wrote:

Sorry I didn't follow, the problem for 4.9.297+ is when we are including
bug.h, it just include build_bug.h from backport-include.
Then in backport-include build_bug.h, the include_next is excluded so
the real build_bug.h from kernel tree is never included and thus those
macros supposed to be in build_bug.h can never work.

Ah! Now I understand. Hmm, don't think I have a solution off the top of
my head ...



The LINUX_VERSION_CODE is fixed since 4.9.255, see here:

SUBLEVEL should still contains the minor kernel version number.

We could extend the macros in backport/backport-include/linux/version.h to check for SUBLEVEL manually if it overflows.

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