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On 6/7/2020 5:46 PM, Hauke Mehrtens wrote:
On 6/1/20 11:19 AM, Shetu Ayalew wrote:

I'm trying to run the the
I use coccinelle 1.0.7 and the following tree -

with few different tags the last one was v5.7-rc3-1 (for backports
tree)  and v5.7-rc3 (for the Linux tree).

and I get error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "./", line 1107, in <module>
     ret = _main()
   File "./", line 724, in _main
   File "./", line 914, in process
     kver = gen_version.kernelversion(bpid.project_dir)
   File "/.autodirect/swgwork/shetu/upstream/backports/lib/",
line 40, in kernelversion
   File "/.autodirect/swgwork/shetu/upstream/backports/lib/",
line 11, in _check
     raise ExecutionError(process.returncode)

To my understanding the source of the above error is the fail of the run
of the following command that the script executes:

"make --no-print-directory -C  /swgwork/shetu/upstream/backport_vr

The error I get is "you shouldn't run make in the backports tree, but
only in the generated output ...".

But the directory backport_vr is not under the backports tree. Moreover
I tried running make kernelversion

from backport_vr and I got the same error message. Do you familiar with
this probelm, any idea how to solve it ?


Hi Shetu,

The script tries to get the kernel version of the kernel you want to
create a backports release for and this somehow fails.

Could you please run this manually like I did here:

$ make --no-print-directory -C ~/linux/linux-next kernelversion
$ echo $?

Please keep the mailing list in CC.



I did  and got the same output as you. But it seems like the script is not using the source tree path as in you asked me to do, rather it uses the output tree (after backport) path. Looking into the Makefile is looks like the it checks if file named local-symbols exits (which not) and thus fails.



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