generate backport error

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I'm trying to run the the
I use coccinelle 1.0.7 and the following tree -

with few different tags the last one was v5.7-rc3-1 (for backports tree)  and v5.7-rc3 (for the Linux tree).

and I get error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./", line 1107, in <module>
    ret = _main()
  File "./", line 724, in _main
  File "./", line 914, in process
    kver = gen_version.kernelversion(bpid.project_dir)
  File "/.autodirect/swgwork/shetu/upstream/backports/lib/", line 40, in kernelversion
  File "/.autodirect/swgwork/shetu/upstream/backports/lib/", line 11, in _check
    raise ExecutionError(process.returncode)

To my understanding the source of the above error is the fail of the run of the following command that the script executes:

"make --no-print-directory -C  /swgwork/shetu/upstream/backport_vr kernelversion"

The error I get is "you shouldn't run make in the backports tree, but only in the generated output ...".

But the directory backport_vr is not under the backports tree. Moreover I tried running make kernelversion

from backport_vr and I got the same error message. Do you familiar with this probelm, any idea how to solve it ?



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