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I'm trying to create backport based on the backport project. I followed the instructions here - 

I'm using the latest versions of linux-next tree and backports tree and I also installed the latest version of the coccinelle. I did checkout on both trees (of linux-next tree and backports) to many different tags (the last I tryed on was v5.3.6-1). Then I run:
./ --clean --git-revision v5.3.6-1 /path/to/your/linux-next /path/to/your/newly/created/release

But in all the cases there was always patches that created parsing error. For example on the last tag I got error in patch 0049-no-pfmemalloc/no-pfmemalloc.cocci with the following message:
init_defs_builtins: /usr/local/bin/../lib/coccinelle/standard.h
minus: parse error: 
  File "/.autodirect/swgwork/shetu/upstream/backports/patches/0049-no-pfmemalloc/no-pfmemalloc.cocci", line 7, column 4, charpos = 90
  around = 'page_is_pfmemalloc',
  whole content =  || page_is_pfmemalloc(page)

which is not much informative, I'm not sure where is the problem.  I also checked this file on master branch and other branches
Is it possible you give me two tags (one for the linux-next tree and one for the backport) where the backport should work so I will be able to try it.


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