Re: Failed to backport from from Linux 4.4 drivers to Linux 3.10.108

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On 2018/05/09 17:12, Johannes Berg wrote:
Though of course this doesn't apply to the older branches :)

How about setting upper limitation to the older branches by attached patch ?

Masashi Honma.
diff --git a/lib/ b/lib/
index 1325fd2..feef444 100644
--- a/lib/
+++ b/lib/
@@ -190,10 +190,11 @@ class Req:
         sys.stdout.write("Try installing the package: %s\n" % package_hint)
         return False
     def coccinelle(self, version):
-        if self.require_version('spatch', '--version', version, 2, self.linux_version_cmp):
+        if self.linux_version_cmp('1.0.6', self.req_get_prog_version('spatch', '--version', 2)) == -1 and \
+           self.require_version('spatch', '--version', version, 2, self.linux_version_cmp):
             return True
         sys.stdout.write("Try installing the package: coccinelle\n")
-        sys.stdout.write("If that is too old go grab the code from source:\n\n")
+        sys.stdout.write("If that is less than " + version + " or more than 1.0.6 go grab the code from source:\n\n")
         sys.stdout.write("git clone\n\n";)
         sys.stdout.write("To build you will need: ocaml ncurses-devel\n\n")
         sys.stdout.write("If on SUSE / OpenSUSE you will also need: ocaml-ocamldoc\n\n")

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