Failed to backport from from Linux 4.4 drivers to Linux 3.10.108

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I am trying to backport from Linux 4.4 drivers to Linux 3.10.108 with backports.

These are my commands.
$ cd ~/git
$ git clone git://

$ cd ~/git
$ git clone git://
$ cd linux-stable
$ git checkout v3.10.108

$ cd ~/git
$ git clone git://
$ cd backports
$ git checkout linux-4.4.y
$ ./ --copy-list ./copy-list --integrate --clean --git-revision v4.4 ~/git/linux-next ~/git/linux-stable

The command resulted in these messages.
Get original source files from git ...
Applying patches from patches to /home/honma/git/linux-stable/backports/ ...
Failed to process SmPL patch collateral-evolutions/network/0027-genl-const/genl-const.cocci
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./", line 1091, in <module>
    ret = _main()
  File "./", line 724, in _main
  File "./", line 906, in process
apply_patches(args, "backport", source_dir, 'patches', bpid.target_dir, logwrite)
  File "./", line 605, in apply_patches
    raise Exception('SmPL patch failed')
Exception: SmPL patch failed

Is this caused by my invalid procedure ?
If so, please tell me right way.

Masashi Honma.
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