Re: [PATCH 00/21] backports: multiple changes for kernel 3.13-rc6

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On 05-09-17 11:00, Johannes Berg wrote:
Hi Hauke,


patches/0079-netdev-destructor.cocci takes very long to apply, about
3 times longer all others together.

I doubt we can do anything about that.

Not sure what is causing it. Might just be the amount of network device drivers. When discussing (parts of) this spatch Julia mentioned about use of disjunction vs expression:

You can put a disjunction: \(fn1\|fn2\).  Another option is to make an
identifier metavariable with an appropriate regular expression, but this
would be less efficient than the disjuction option. Coccinelle does some optimizations based on what is the pattern matching code, but not regular expression constraints.

but I ended up using the disjunction:

RET = \(register_netdevice\|register_ndev\)(NDEV);
if (<+... RET ...+>) {

so that can not be optimized further.

Should we remove ssb and bcma from backports and use the in kernel
versions instead? I do not expect so many changes any more affecting
the wifi drivers.

I have no opinion either way.

There may be some new cores coming up in our wifi chips that BCMA would need to add, but also heard rumors about switching to new backplane type.

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