Re: [PATCH 16/21] patches: brcmfmac: fix netdev destructor

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On 22-08-17 00:28, Hauke Mehrtens wrote:
brcmfmac uses a complicated netdev destructor handling. The
brcmf_net_attach() function just adds a normal destructor and later the
brcmf_add_if() function sets the needs_free_netdev callback.

The normal spatch was not applied correctly to this file, add a patch
before to try to fx this problem manually.

Way overdue, but better late than never. I think we prefer to use spatch, but I understand the destructor handling in brcmfmac is complicated.

The story above does not tell it right. brcmf_add_if() is called first doing the alloc_netdev() setting needs_free_netdev to true and subsequently brcmf_net_attach() is called doing the register_netdevice(). When that is successful and only then I set the priv_destructor. The reason for this was to keep the error path simple, because when register_netdevice() fails it calls the priv_destructor although that is not documented in struct net_device:

 *	@priv_destructor:	Called from unregister

I think I will make an attempt to change brcmfmac so we can get rid of this patch file and rely on the spatch, but for now I am fine with it.

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