Re: [PATCH 3/3] backports: support class_groups

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> > Change-Id: I114e1a6ed8db901b3aa738a5052721d1da45cae4
> Does it make sense to keep the Change-Id: things here?

Not really. But eventually I got lazy. I've now removed the auto-
generation for my tree, which means I'll have to add it manually
internally, but whatever :)

> > +@ class_group @
> > +identifier group_class;
> > +identifier attribute_groups_name.groups;
> > +fresh identifier group_dev_attr = ##
> > "_dev_attrs";
> So how will this work wrt naming scheme. Can we be sure all
> class_attrs occurrences in the files we copy are named as such, ie.
> with _dev_attrs post-fix?

No no, that's not what happens here. The _dev_attrs postfix is
generated by the ATTRIBUTE_GROUPS_BACKPORT() macro.

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