Re: [PATCH] autofs-5.1.9 - fix ldap_parse_page_control() check

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On 16/4/24 22:23, David Disseldorp wrote:
On Wed, 20 Mar 2024 11:43:19 +0800, Ian Kent wrote:

On 20/3/24 08:59, David Disseldorp wrote:
-      struct berval *c;
+      struct berval **c;
         int ret;
         LDAPControl **clp;
         ret = ldap_parse_page_control(ld,clp,ct,c); ]])],

Thanks David, looks ok to me, will have a closer look and (I expect)
will apply it.
Thanks for the feedback Ian. Is there anything holding this one up from
being merged?

No, only me, actually I want to do a release but (just a couple of days ago) I was thinking I need

to push this and a couple of other patches to the repo. before I start the round of testing.

I have a bit to do (unrelated to this) before I get to it so sorry for the hold up.


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