Re: autofs 5.1.6 : segfault at startup

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On Wed, Dec 9, 2020 at 10:27 PM Ian Kent <raven@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > In Ubuntu, -Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions is a system-wide default and we
> > remove it from the flags when building autofs in d/rules:
> >
> > # Taken from #1636781 as it's the same problem here. Also see
> > #
> >
> > ifeq ($(shell dpkg-vendor --derives-from Ubuntu && echo yes),yes)
> >   export DEB_LDFLAGS_MAINT_STRIP = -Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions
> > endif
> Not sure what #1636781 is?

Sorry, that's a bug number (not in autofs, but similar):

> Would it be useful to provide Ubuntu with patches prior to the
> impending autofs 5.1.7 release (after which these patches would
> be present on
> If so I can certainly do that and if we do then from that point
> any further changes would be done as follow up patches, so they
> would be final upstream patches even though they haven't been
> pushed to the repository yet.

Sure, and this is the perfect time for that since we are in a new
development cycle. I won't be the one working on it, though, as I have
been reassigned elsewhere for the next few months. I'll let someone in
the team know, and I can still file a bug with the patch(es) attached
and let the team work on it.


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