Re: The automounter hangs on attempts to mount non-existent directories unless the option vers=4.2 is specified?

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Hi -

Sorry for the delayed response. Work has really picked up the last couple of weeks.

On 6/17/20 8:28 PM, Ian Kent wrote:

Maybe this is just an issue with mount.nfs?

It's hard to say, possibly, that would need a debug log to check it

Although the problem is completely resolved by specifying


in /etc/auto.home, I'm happy to turn on debugging on one of the workstations and send the results if this would help.

If the problem is bad enough it might be worth adding some entries
above the wildcard entry that bind mount to one or more directories
to keep those applications happy.

Or create dummy home directories on the NFS server, or change /etc/passwd to the more correct:

   /home/syslog  -->  /

however, given that, for example,

  $ ls /home/syslog

returns instantly with "no such file or directory" when the mount options -tcp,vers=4.2 are specified in /etc/auto.home, my problem is functionally resolved; I'm just in the bug reporting stage.

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