libss7 bug with more than 2 signalling links and sig_ss7.c (chan_dahdi) logging bug

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Hello all,

I've picked up bugs in libss7-2.0.0 and within sig_ss7.c (chan_dahdi).

- Libss7-2.0.0 cannot handle changeover (COO and COA) properly with two or more signalling links in a linkset. - sig-ss7.c logs random SLC numbers in its messages "sig_ss7.c: MTP2 link up (SLC x)" and "MTP2 link down (SLC x)" instead of the actual SLC number of the affected link.

I've logged ASTERISK-28674 ( ) and proposed fixes.

While I've tested the fixes, I would greatly appreciate peer review so that they can be incorporated into future versions of libss7 and Asterisk.

Thank you
Gregory Massel

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