Re: ari events stop when two channels join mixing bridge

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Matthew Jordan wrote:


I think that's a better approach as well. Right now, however, I can
only think of two requirements:

  * I want audio to pass through the core, as opposed to directly
between the participants
  * I want DTMF

Everything else is handled transparently by the bridging core.

As another thought - this actually feels a lot like the mixing types -
at least from the perspective of the end user. Wanting a bridge that
does a holding mix as opposed to a two-party mix is, loosely speaking,
a 'requirement' of the bridge. Maybe the DTMF requirement should just
be in that same field, and we figure out which is which internally
when parsing it?

Not a bad idea! "mixing,dtmf" - Please give me a mixing bridge with DTMF events. "mixing,proxy" - Please give me a mixing bridge and always proxy media.

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