Re: Which Perl versions Autoconf needs [PATCH included]

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On 2023-03-30 06:06, Zack Weinberg wrote:
Are you, Jacob Bachmeyer, volunteering to maintain the Perl scripts in
autoconf and automake, for at least the next several years, and in
particular to test compatibility with these very old versions of Perl?

Although testing Jacob's little patch with old Perl versions is of course needed now, surely a multi-year support commitment is not necessary. If that patch (along with my draft-but-not-installed patches) ports Autoconf to Perl 5.6, then that should be good enough for the next Autoconf release as we're not planning any substantive changes before then.

I agree that we should not commit Autoconf to sticking with 5.6 for the next several years. We might even increase the minimum Perl requirement in the very next Autoconf release if that is needed.

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