Re: Which Perl versions Autoconf needs [PATCH included]

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Nick Bowler wrote:
On 2023-03-30, Zack Weinberg <zack@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Because I don't think anyone else currently active in development has
either the time or the expertise for it.  (Just as a data point here,
the oldest version of Perl that I myself have any access to, presently,
is 5.*16*, and I don't know how long that machine will stay that way.)

FWIW I still use Autoconf (actually, just autom4te/autotest) on machines
with perl 5.8.  These installations do have both Digest::SHA and Time::HiRes
available, though.

As a followup on these lines, perlbrew provides an easy way to install older (or newer) Perl versions in your home directory for testing or use. It is not difficult to use, and I used it to obtain Perl 5.6.2 for the recent patches to the Automake testsuite that resolved issues with Perl 5.6.2.

-- Jacob

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