non-root bridge set-up on Fedora 39 aarch64

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I'm somewhat new to the libvirt world, and I've encountered a problem
that needs better troubleshooting skills than I have. I've searched
Google/Ecosia and stackoverflow without finding a solution.

I set up libvirt on an x86_64 system without a problem, but on my
new aarch64 / Fedora 39 system, virsh doesn't seem to want to start
virbr0 when run from my own user account:

cel@boudin:~/kdevops$ virsh net-start default
error: Failed to start network default
error: error creating bridge interface virbr0: Operation not permitted

cel@boudin:~/kdevops$ cat /etc/qemu/bridge.conf 
allow virbr0

Where can I look next?

Chuck Lever
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