add nvdimm and set it as a dax device

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I'm trying to add an nvdimm device on my vm and configure it to a dax mode.
Directly with qemu, I was:
sudo ndctl disable-namespace namespace0.0
sudo ndctl create-namespace -m devdax
sudo daxctl reconfigure-device -m system-ram all --force

However, when running with virt-manager, I get the following error message when I run
sudo ndctl create-namespace -m devdax

Error: create namespace: region0 align setting is 0x1000000 size 0x1dde0000 is misaligned.
Here are the xml infos for the nvdimm device:

<memory model="nvdimm" access="shared">
        <alignsize unit="KiB">2048</alignsize>
        <size unit="KiB">488282</size>
          <size unit="KiB">128</size>
      <address type="dimm" slot="0"/>

Is there an additional command I missed to set it as a dax device?

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