Install on Windows for use of Hyper-V driver

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TL;TR: Can I call libvirt API from Go or Python on Windows
host using any pre-built binaries of required components?

I'm trying to understand what I need to install
on Windows host in order to use the Hyper-V
driver [1] and call the API from Go or Python.

The Windows page [2] says

  "The development headers are not currently provided in this
  installer, so this cannot be used for compiling new
  applications against libvirt."

but it does not address development with Go or Python.

The Go module [3] documentation says

  "Make sure to have libvirt-dev package (or the development
  files otherwise somewhere in your include path)"

I'm not a stranger to C/C++ development, but this information
is not quite helpful for Windows host environment.

The Python bindings [4] documentation makes it clearer

  "requires the GCC and pkg-config tools, and development headers"

and also clears remains of my hope which seems to be killed
by this comment [5] on GitLab :

  "you likely won't be able to use libvirt with Python on Windows"

which, I sense, can be extrapolated to Go bindings too.

Is my understanding correct that Windows binaries [2]
are for VM manager GUI only and any scripting or development
using libvirt API is not supported on Windows? Hmm, how on
earth the virt-manager itself paves its way to Windows then :-)


Best regards,
Mateusz Loskot,
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