Re: VM won't start from virt-manager -- Unable to open system.token

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On 2 Jan 2024 10:45 -0600, from john@xxxxxxxxxxxx (John W. Himpel):
> After further investigation, I see that /run/libvirt/common has
> permissions of:
> drwx------. 2 root root 60 Jan  1 22:44 common
> Since I am running virt-manager from my userid, I think this is
> probably the issue.

Maybe not. That directory has the same permissions on my Debian
system, and I can use virt-manager just fine as an unprivileged user.

I'm on virt-manager 4.1.0 and libvirt 9.0.0. (Current Debian

> Any suggestions on how to access /run/libvirt/common/system.token as a
> non-priviledged user of virt-manager?

Sorry, no, not really. Hopefully someone else will be able to chime

I see you're connecting to the system qemu instance. Does it make any
difference if you connect to the user instance? That should be

$ virt-manager -c qemu:///session --debug

You obviously won't see any of the VMs in the system instance doing
that, but it just _might_ provide a clue as to where to look next if
that does work. Try creating a new VM that way if you don't have
anything handy, and check the output for anything that looks like a
corresponding socket location when you start it.

Also, have you tried using some other front-end, such as AQEMU,
virt-install or virsh (as the same unprivileged user) to do the same

Just trying to think of things that might narrow down the
possibilities for what might be the actual culprit in your setup.

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