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Am Montag, dem 04.12.2023 um 03:23 -0800 schrieb Andrea Bolognani:
> I've posted patches[1] to switch the search provider to DuckDuckGo
> and mention the fact that an external provider is used in the first
> place. Hopefully that mitigates your concerns somewhat.

It will - when done. Thanks anyway.

> > BTW your website massively violates EU data privacy rights. You have
> > no Impressum and no info about your privacy policy.
> Honestly I have no idea what the requirements would be here, much
> less how to comply with them. Care to post some patches?

Règlement général sur la protection des données RGPD
Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO)
General Data Protection Regulation GDPR)

Not knowing where you live - I am sure you will find an Italian translation.

I actually downloaded the source and searched for some visible text
from the website but I did not find anything. Maybe I was too fast.

Anyway I will never do or propose changes which will have legal
consequences. This must be done by the person legally responsible for
the website.

> > Your website does not even have a contact address.
> There's a "contact" section in the footer, which links to all the
> relevant information. It seems to do its job, seeing as you managed
> to find your way to the mailing list after all :)

This is probably not enough. I am quite sure the requirements are
- directly reachable - no subscription to a mailing list (n/a)
- private communication (n/a)
- fast answers (done)

Actually I would really have preferred not to publish this thread.
Might sometimes be better for you too. Like when somebody wants to
tell you about malware on your site.

mit freundlichen Grüssen

Wolfgang Rohdewald
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