Re: virsh not connecting to libvertd ?

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On 6/12/23 20:17, Jerry Buburuz wrote:
> Just found my issue.
> After I removed the cephfs mounts it worked!
> I will debug ceph.
> I assumed because I could touch files on mounted cephfs it was working.
> Now virsh list works!

Out of curiosity. Do you perhaps have a storage pool defined over
cephfs? I can see two possible sources for the problem:

1) autostarted storage pool that makes libvirt mount cephfs, or
2) a storage pool defined over a path where cephfs is mounted.

The problem with 1) is obvious (in fact it's not specific to ceph, if it
was NFS/iSCSI and the server wasn't responding then libvirtd would just

The problem with 2) is that for some types of storage pools ('dir'
typically) libvirt assumes they are always 'running'. And proceeds to
enumerate volumes in that pool (i.e. files under the dir). And if
there's a stale mount point, this might stuck libvirtd. But again, this
is not limited to ceph, any network FS might do this.


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