RE: virsh not connecting to libvertd ?

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> As soon as I umount cephfs virsh is able to talk to libvirtd.
> I tested the cephfs with:
> df (no problem)
> dd if=/dev/zero of=/cephstorage/a.img bs=1G count=1 oflag=dsync (no
> problem created random1G file, no I/O issues.)
> After mounting cephfs and restarting libvirtd "virsh" hangs again.
> Obviously virsh and libvirtd don't like the cephfs mount.
> I am just starting to debug the potential problem with cephfs and
> libvirtd/virsh.
> I originally noted when this problem occurred on two hypervisors the
> problem occurred a couple days a part which matched some updates that
> took
> place. I have not tried rolling back patches yet.
> I am curious if anyone uses cephfs filesystem and had similar problems
> recently.

I used to use the cephfs until I got the issues with the kernel mount version and fuse was just to slow. So now I am having a nfs-ganesha mount. Occasionally I have (had) issues connection issues virsh/virt-manager, which are related to guest having iso images linked media. 
It looks like this got a lot less when I started removing the iso medias from vm's. When I do have this lockup, I could fix it by doing a 'umount -l /mnt/vps-isos'. I don't think this was specific to libvirt as a ls -l /mnt/vps-isos would 'hang' also.

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