there is no PCIe device after command "virsh nodedev-list"

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I don't know if this is the right email list for this question, let me try.

I experienced a problem when I want to assign PCIe VF to my VMs, I can use "lspci" to list the VF PCIe, even PF PCIe,  but the command " virsh nodedev-list" doesn't print any PCIe bus device.  I tried using "virsh edit --domain " command and added the PCIe bus to the XML file, but when I start the VM, the error message
shows an internal error, there is an invalid link to the device.

Meanwhile, I use virt-manager to see if I can add a PCIe host device, but the host device shows "no device available".

my system is ARM64 based Nvidia platform, I have enabled IOMMU in the kernel. do you know how can I figure out the root cause? is this the ARM64 kernel issue or something else??

I posted this issue also in Nvidia forum:

thanks so much for your suggestions.


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