Re: MemoryBacking options

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On 10/16/22 09:58, Simon Fairweather wrote:
> Thanks Michal, Are there any known issues with Memory Backing. We have
> QEMU 7.1 and libvirt 8.7.
> If just Memory Backing is set the VM Freezes after a couple of hours and
> the allocated CPUs show 100% on the host.
> Seems to happen more on AMD Platforms than Intel.
> Please advise on any info you need, likely this is a QEMU issue.
>   <memoryBacking>
>     <source type='memfd'/>
>     <access mode='shared'/>
>   </memoryBacking>

Agreed, this smells like QEMU issue. There's nothing obviously wrong
with this snipped. I have a VM with just that and run it just fine.
Although, I run it for couple of hours max.


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