Re: [Question] Should libvirt update live xml accordingly when guest mac is changed?

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On 8/30/22 05:22, Fangge Jin wrote:
> Hi
> I met an issue when testing trustGuestRxFilters:
> Attach a macvtap interface with trustGuestRxFilters=’yes’ to vm, then
> change interface mac address in vm.
> Should libvirt update interface mac in live vm xml accordingly? If not,
> vm network will be broken after
> managedsaving and restoring vm.
> BR,
> Fangge Jin

The MAC is updated accordingly. It's just that it does not survive
save+restore (and thus possibly migration). This is a bug in libvirt,
please file one. What we could do is just before resuming vCPUs, we
could query-rx-filters for those <interface/>s where trustGuestRxFilters
is enabled and change MAC, just like we do when NIC_RX_FILTER_CHANGED
event is delivered.


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