Re: Backup KVM Guest VM in OVA or VMDK format

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On Wed, Sep 21, 2022 at 3:56 PM Martin Kletzander <mkletzan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Mon, Sep 19, 2022 at 09:13:37PM +0530, Kaushal Shriyan wrote:
>On Wed, Sep 14, 2022 at 7:38 PM Kaushal Shriyan <kaushalshriyan@xxxxxxxxx>
>> On Sat, Sep 3, 2022 at 12:28 AM Kaushal Shriyan <kaushalshriyan@xxxxxxxxx>
>> wrote:
>>> On Thu, Sep 1, 2022 at 9:39 PM Kaushal Shriyan <kaushalshriyan@xxxxxxxxx>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Is there a way to backup KVM Guest VM in kvmguestosimage.ova or
>>>> kvmguestosimage.vmdk format as I am trying to restore it in AWS by
>>>> referring to article as per the
>>>> below supported file format.
>>>> [1] Open Virtualization Archive (OVA)
>>>> [2] Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK)
>>>> [3] Virtual Hard Disk (VHD/VHDX)
>>>> [4] raw

Well, raw image is the most versatile, but the other formats (especially
1 and 2) might have also other metadata like the number of cpus, memory
size, devices etc.

>>>> Also any method to take full and incremental backup of KVM Guest VM.

I am not experienced with backups, but my guess is you can either create
your own workflow using various blockjobs or you might want to check out
backup-* and checkpoint-* commands.

>>>> Any help will be highly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.
>>>> Thanks in Advance.
>>>> Best Regards,
>>>> Kaushal
>>> Hi,
>>> Checking in again if someone can pitch in for my earlier post to this
>>> mailing list. Thanks in advance.
>>> Best Regards,
>>> Kaushal
>> Hi,
>> I followed the below steps by referring to
>> .
>> # qemu-img -h | grep Supported
>> Supported formats: blkdebug blklogwrites blkverify compress
>> copy-before-write copy-on-read file ftp ftps gluster host_cdrom host_device
>> http https iscsi iser luks nbd null-aio null-co nvme preallocate qcow2
>> quorum raw rbd ssh throttle vhdx vmdk vpc

This might be a bit misleading since VMDK may meat a lot of things, it's
not one format, it can store different things, and the support may mean
different things.

>> # qemu-img --version
>> qemu-img version 6.2.0 (qemu-kvm-6.2.0-12.module_el8.7.0+1140+ff0772f9)
>> Copyright (c) 2003-2021 Fabrice Bellard and the QEMU Project developers
>> #
>> *Step No. 1*
>> #qemu-img convert -O vmdk openapibox.img openapibox.vmdk -p

I see you are also just using QEMU, is this anyway libvirt-related or
are you just using qemu command line?

Since you are not adding any metadata, then why not just use the raw
image since I presume openapibox.img is in raw and not qcow format.  If
it is qcow, then you can convert it to raw and use that.  The
disadvantage of the raw format is also the fact that most tools will not
keep the sparseness, so you might end up with a high storage usage.
Maybe you can try vhdx instead since that *should* just be a disk image.

Thanks Martin and appreciate it. I will try it out and keep you posted. Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


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