Re: Help in porting smack related patches to meson build system

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On Fri, Sep 16, 2022 at 11:10:14 +0000, Akash Bhaskaran (akabhask)
> Hi,
> We are trying to port some patches pertaining to files like
> , and .m4’s to libvirt kirkstone release. We
> see that latest kirskstone now uses meson build architecture.

What is a 'kirkstone'? I didn't ever hear this word in conjunction with

> We have
> difficulties in porting the changes in the above-mentioned files to
> meson.

You didn't really show what you have problems with. I can point you to
the 'rough' equivalents of the files you've mentioned above.

> Is there any script or reference you can provide for helping us
> port these files to meson?

You'll have to refer to meson's docs and how we use it there isn't
anything automatic for the conversion.

Based on what you want to change, the equivalent of a makefile is the
'' file. Now note there are multiple '' files.

The top level has mostly dependency-related definitions. In
case you need to depend on a new library, that will most likely be the
correct file.

Then each sub-module has their own file: e.g.
src/, src/qemu/, src/security/ etc.

If you need to declare configure time options look into

Next time if you want more specific answers, please be a bit more
specific in your question.

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