virt-manager alt-click passthrough?

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Hi, I'm using virt-manager to connect to a Windows 10 virtual machine, where I'm using photoshop.

I need to send an alt-click key for some functions, but virt-manager is instead interpreting them. It isn't among the pre-configured options that can be sent. Is there a way to remap the alt key or alt-click combination so I can send it through to the virtual machine?

I've also tried the RealVNC client/server trial, and I can't get that to connect at all. It does appear qemu/realvnc server is listening on 5900:

tcp        0      0*               LISTEN      - 

qemu is also configured to listen (-spice port=5900,addr= I've also verified I can connect to port 5900 manually, so a Windows firewall is not the problem.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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