Re: Can RHEL7 VM run remote commands to Fedora36 host?

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On Mon, Aug 01, 2022 at 08:41:02AM -0400, Carol Bouchard wrote:
> I believe I've found what has messed things up.  I've run beaker-in-a-box
> ansible scripts
> which includes the following role:
> as well as a few other changes.

That needs to be changed to not touch the .services at all, and
instead deal with .sockets. And also not libvirtd, for RHEL >= 9
or Fedora >= 35

> So I found these instructions for installing libvirt but it seems obsolete
> for fedora36
> Do you have a list of install steps for the various fedoras?

The install steps haven't changed. All that's different is what systemd
units are active by default. For a fresh install the right thing should
"just work" out of the box, due to systemd presets.

The problem is this ansible script is trying to manually start systemd
services, which ignores the fact they shouldn't be running, as they
are socket activated, and also doesnt' take into account libvirtd
is no longer used on new Fedora/RHEL

> I do have things working with info you and Martin Kletzander provided me
> but would like to see
> a formal list in case there is something else that comes up.

With regards,
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