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On Fri, Jul 01, 2022 at 04:37:55AM -0500, Uriel Emmanuel Pelaez Hernández wrote:
Dear Web Marster from,

I tried to look for the libvirtd, the demon that is suppose to run under
Linux/Unix environment,
but your site didn't show any information. Only a statement appeared:
"Create the page libvirtd "

Hi, we are slowly migrating the wiki pages to knowledge base articles
due to various issues with the wiki.

Please, update your site or suggest any other weblink with the information.

Have a look at our docs page: where you
might find what you are looking for.  There is a particular page about
daemons here:

In theory CygWin use your package, but the information is incomplete too,
about this issue.

I send this mail to these both Email address by the information displayed
in your wiki, about the contact address to solve this kind of problems.

Unfortunately I am not sure what are you trying to solve, so I don't
know what clearer pointers to give you.

By now, Google Service in my region is deprecated, so the information that
the WebBrowser display is not the best.

I send this request from my Email of Graduated Student form the University

Best Regards,
Mr. Peláez Uriel.
Mexico City

Have a nice day,

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