Re: Allow unsafe migration - ?

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On Wed, Jan 5, 2022 at 2:25 PM lejeczek <peljasz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I think there is a quite urgent problem needing a repair
fast, I described it here:
I was hoping, perhaps over-optimistically, for something I
could try as a 'quick' workaround.

thanks, L.

I think GlusterFS usage in pacemaker clusters is not so common (eg, I don't know if it is supported at all in RH EL clusters).
It is not so clear to me if you configured GlusterFS outside of pacemaker or not: in fact through a quick search I found both types of attempts around...
Probably inside the bugzilla you should precisely outline your configuration and in case of embedding GlusterFS as a resource, what is you pacemaker configuration, so how your configured your resources/clones (eg ocf:glusterfs:glusterd, ocf:glusterfs:volume, ecc..), so that it easily reproducible
Personally I never used GlusterFS with Pacemaker


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