simulating multiple hypervisors with the test driver

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I'm working on a python application that will manage multiple remote libvirt hypervisors. I've been using the test:///default uri for single-hypervisor tests, and it works great. 

I'd like to simulate connecting to two different remote hypervisors, however, in my testing so far it appears that multiple connections to the test:///default uri just look like different connections to the same hypervisor. Here's what I tried :

conn_one ='test:///default')
<build and start some domains>
_one_vms_ = conn_one.listAllDomains(0)
for x in one_vms:
    print(f"The vm in set one is {}")

<get list of all the domains I just built>
conn_two ='test:///default')
<build and start some different domains>
two_vms = conn_two.listAllDomains(0)
for z in two_vms:
    print(f"The vm in set one is {}")

<get list of ALL domains including those created with conn_one, not just those created using the conn_two instance>

What I would like is to be able to spin up two completely independent instances of the test driver so that it can simulate two different hypervisors/instances of libvirtd.

Is that possible?


Tom Ammon
M: (737) 400-9042

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